Kalypso 140 – Application

Our roof system has optimally used for the requirements in industrial and commercial buildings as well as for agriculture. Not only for new buildings but also the replacement of old roofs (warehouses, production facilities and garage complexes). Great value!

When installing the insulated panels the Ondafix mounting module is simultaneously installed as support for the mounting bracket for the photovoltaic system.

Installation of cost-effective non-insulated profile sheets for unheated buildings is also possible.


Kalypso 140 - The Roof

The entire roof system is attached directly to the truss structure. The loads are carried by the purlins. Ondatherm panels are waterproof and insulated and come with a high quality corrosion protection system. While laying the panels, the Ondafix attachment module is mounted simultaneously. Ondafix forms the basis for the support of the solar modules.


Kalypso 140 - Photovoltaic Plants

the design combines an innovative installation of friendly roof with simultaneous high value additions and returns through powerful photovoltaic modules. The highest yielding generating photovoltaic systems on roofs are oriented to the south. But on west and east facing roofs a return can still be obtained.


Kalypso 140 - Advantages

  • A single complete and tested system 
  • Stable, supporting, efficiently thermally insulated roof panels
  • A high-quality coating system which comes in wide range of colours
  • Integrated Ondafix mounting system for solar modules
  • Simple, fast and economical installation
  • High-performance crystalline or thin-film modules, depending on the conditions
  • Coordination is ensured by a single system